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105 - Card game

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105, pronounced "one-oh-five", can best be described as a "solitaire blackjack". But in stead of 1 pile to reach to 21 there are 5 piles (hence the name, 5 x 21 = 105).There is no opponent to play against. The aim of the game is simply to play as long as you can, and collect the most points.
** Designed for Android TV, gamepad or remote control required. **
-- RULES --From a shuffled pack, the top card is revealed. Use the controller to choose where to place this card, trying to get 21 on all the piles.
It is not allowed for a pile to go over 21.
If the revealed card does not fit on any of the piles, you will lose a life. The game is over if you have lost them all. Oh, and there's a timer too: if you fail to pick a pile before the timer runs out, you’ll lose a life too.
A total of 98 is enough to get through to the next level and receive bonus points (the score-table shows the values, which increase every round). If you have got 98 points or more, you can collect the points or gamble on the next random card, because the closest to 105 (21 on all piles), the higher the bonus will be that will be added to your total score.
-- FEATURES --Designed for Android TV,Gamepad and remote control support,Play Online via Google Play to unlock Achievements and compete on Leaderboards,Play Offline with friends on a local leaderboard.